Have you hit the second brick wall?

Your firm is at an ‘inflection point’. Stress and frustration has become a key area of concern within the team as the daily execution of work has resulted in greater inefficiency and perhaps loss of valued clients to competitors. As founders or key stakeholders within the firm you may have become disillusioned and have lost confidence on where to next. You feel the need for specific intervention/action.

Increasing levels of stress in the business is evident within both commercial issues and cultural aspects of the firm. With this awareness spending time acknowledging that as a team – and revisiting the vision will be an invaluable activity to engage in.


Acknowledge what has and has not worked in the last few years – recognising where you are up to today.


Refocus the business on its Vision – perhaps a new one – around which the entire firm can be aligned.

New Energy

Re-energise the executive team, the shareholders and the directors to move the firm forward.


Clarify the key elements of the 3 – 5-year business plan to move toward that vision


Vision & Alignement

Advanced growth. New Energy. Balance

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