Insights is a strategy and performance management platform offering an all-in-one solution for purpose driven companies.

Executive Coaching

Our customized, high-impact services deliver tangible results to help your organization achieve what matters most.

We create custom coaching plans based on individual and business needs to ensure the path is tangible and successful.

Strategic Planning

With Insights, leaders know the entire organization's performance at a glance, as well as how teams and individuals are performing against their initiatives. With our strategic planning services, leaders gain insight into creating predictable and repeatable results.


To enhance your culture of success, we offer the following training to enlightened leaders:

Uncommon Candor (Peer to Peer training) | Crucial Conversations (Manager training)

Strategic Vision

Align everyone to your strategic initiatives

Goal Setting & Tracking

Learn how to set SMART goals & track their progress. With real-time reporting, you get Insights into business and employee trends

Culture & Values

Create a culture where values are at the core of your performance conversations

360 Feedback

Ask for feedback from anyone in your organization. With 1:1’s, communication is ongoing, timely, and constructive


Performance Management

Create an employee performance management strategy that’s right for your organization

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