The problem with just focusing on Technology

A technology platform change on its own will never deliver optimum success. All too often technology choices are seen to be “the panacea to cure all ills” with key elements of change overlooked or worse ignored (an Internal What conversation).

Most business will know that they should focus on enhancing processes beyond their current state to become more responsive to client management and engagement. Platforms that embrace flow, that support behaviour change and process, will develop assets that the firm of tomorrow will benefit by as it seeks competitive advantage and transformation in readiness for the future economy (an Internal How conversation).

The Envision™ process acts a precursor to both these change dynamics forcing the business to gain clarity of the dynamics within the business that hold it back or restrain it from achieving optimum outcomes. By understanding why these retraining forces exist the firm is able to establish a clear focus on Why change initiatives need to happen (an Internal Why conversation).

“People don’t buy what you do they buy why you do it”. Simon Sinek

Envision™ Brochure


Build consensus and achieve buy-in for selecting and implementing a suite of business-critical technologies to build your vital Client Lifecycle Management platform.


Gain clarity and design strategies to facilitate the success of a project. Understand the blind spots with existing platforms and areas of focus to improve adoption.


Increase firm-wide collaboration and value resulting in your entire firm focusing on the right objectives at the right time.

External Input

Benefit from decades of thought leadership and experience in facilitating technology decisions for hundreds of leading professional services firms.


Commonality, Clarity & Context

Identify key areas of focus and priorities which in turn help define the project scope and subsequent conversations with management boards and the firm at large.

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