Planning for technology is not just about buying hardware and software;

it’s also about effectively managing and implementing these vital resources in order to meet your firm’s strategic goals."

When it comes to CPA - Accounting firms aligning technology strategy with business objectives, many struggle because technology and its benefits aren’t easily understood by all. Firm management doesn’t always understand the business benefits technology is able to provide, and IT departments often find it difficult to communicate these benefits effectively. The Boomer Technology Review and Planning Process breaks down that wall to bring clarity and strategy to a firm’s technology.

We know how difficult it can be to effectively manage and implement vital technology resources to meet strategic goals and we’ve helped hundreds of CPA firms to do so. When you develop technology strategies that supports the firm's vision, your technology investment will significantly enhance productivity, effectiveness and client value.

As technology experts focused 100% on the CPA profession, there are many ways we can help your firm. A few examples include:

  • Prioritization - Strategic Alignment with Technology/Firm Goals
  • Direction - Technology Vision to ensure IT investment is moving the firm in the right direction
  • Governance - Getting the right people in the right roles
  • Independent Authority - It's imperative to have a technology consultant not tied to specific software or hardware
  • Coaching - Develop IT leaders into business executives

Outsourced CIO Services - Leverage our CIO experience to transition and develop your firm's IT strategy and talent

Now more than ever, CPA firms need their technology to accelerate their success and achieve business goals. When your firm's IT is aligned with the vision for the future, you have an advantage over your competition.

Why? Because your firm needs a visionary technology plan that is approachable, understandable and achievable.

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