A refreshing new way to get the very best results for your Clients Board.

Boardroom Excellence was created to provide Board-level consulting and online services to the UK's SME sector. More recently the platform has been enhanced to allow professional service firms to manage and organise their SME clients with a branded portal for the firm.

The directors behind the design of Boardroom Excellence have had wide experience of working with UK-based and International boards, in various roles, and recognise the challenges faced by Boards of all sizes.

Boardroom Excellence grew out of our own frustrations, deciding to create our own portal with a blend of structure and practical in-a-nutshell advice which other entrepreneurial businesses could adopt without any overhead.

What sets the platform apart is:-

  • a wide and deep Boardroom experience in the UK & internationally.
  • strong technical skills from running mission-critical software businesses.
  • a practical, transparent and straight-forward approach to business and Boardrooms.

Access the Boardroom Excellence Portal

Strategic Review

Establishing a company's Strategic positioning is the single most critical task for a Board. The process by which the Strategy is considered and adjusted is known as a Strategic Review. A Strategic Review is an extremely complex challenge as it involves detailed collation and analysis of information from across the enterprise and beyond.

Board Management

Everything you need to make your Management board meetings run efficiently and effectively. Management board members can either view documents as they are produced or the complete electronic Board pack. Manage Board calendars, eliminate last-minute schedule clashes, build action registers with automatic reminders and due dates.

Advisor Control

Guidance for client boards guidance written by experienced entrepreneurs, Board Chairs and Chartered Directors based on real-world experience, not just classroom theory. Templates for assessing and managing Risk, Governance and Boardroom performance. End-to-end Strategic Review Process using techniques from the best-run Boards in the world.

Data Room

Secure storage for all of your Board's critical documents which double as due diligence data, ensuring that every document needed by the Directors to make well-informed decisions is readily available in a secure, encrypted online data store. Data Room provides all of the information that any due diligence process that any investor or acquirer would require.


Client Board Portal

The Boardroom Excellence portal provides everything an aspirational Company needs to improve Board performance

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