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"People don't buy what you do they buy why your do it" - Simon Sinek

Old versus New Paradigm

Moving from the old, familiar, and often unsuccessful paradigms within a firm to those that are new, insightful and focused involves the balance between the strategic, operational, technology and process dimensions within the organisation.

“The reality is that everybody makes mistakes. The issue isn’t whether you will make them, it’s what you will do about them. It’s whether you will choose the path of humility and courage or the path of ego.” Steven Covey.

We see it time and again. When a firm’s culture and strategic mind set are aligned with the various technology and process related platforms deployed across the organisation, people have the means and freedom to build all-important client relationships and maximise performance.

Relationships are business

Just as crucially, Envision™ has grown on the basis of relationship building with absolute transparency. We’re honest and open, always ready to provide realistic opinions and advice. Envision gives you the whole picture. Our analysis will clearly identify what’s good, bad or indifferent in your existing set up, and precisely define the solution.

Building long term relationships founded in trust. This is what defines Envision™ and our journey.

I was introduced to the phrase "Skating to where the puck is going to be" by Gary Boomer of Boomer Consulting Inc in the USA. Its source is Wayne Gretzky who said: " I skate to where the puck is going to be not where it has been". It is a mindset that has served me well. It sure beats staying with the status quo.

Brian Coventry Brian Coventry Founder - Managing Partner, Envison™

Meet the team

Our team draws together some remarkable people with expertise and experience to help your firm make the most of the rapidly transforming landscape.

  • Brian Coventry

    Brian Coventry

    Envision™ Methodology

    Brian has extensive experience and knowledge of strategy and management for professional service firms - gained from different countries and cultures. He is skilled at helping others to see a forward path, revealing options and value improvements. He enjoys working with enthusiastic and driven people, whether it involves an engaging presentation, or to support entrepreneurial success.

    A key focus for Brian is to research and lay out facts in language and terminology that others find easy to understand as this is essential to bring teams into a discussion on change, to help define a solution and then work with them to make it a reality. Brian created the Envision™ framework and methodology that has been highly successful with leading firms as they approach strategic change.

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    +44 7976 919 966 +61 477 638 325

    Envision™ Focus - Envision™ - Discovery - Performance Management - Platform Vision & Alignment

  • Marc Staut

    Marc Staut

    Technology Strategy & Innovation

    As a visionary IT executive with 30+ year’s expertise in technology and the accounting industry, Marc has a proven record of success innovating and implementing state-of-the-art solutions on time and under budget. He is highly regarded as a strategic thinker and there-is-no-box problem solver with a thorough understanding of the relationship between technology and strategic business interests.

    He has a history of blending in-house talent with outsourced expertise to balance resources, fill skill gaps, and increase organizational competencies. Marc believes in leveraging technology to increase profits, productivity, and competitive edge while simultaneously delivering significant efficiencies in the cost of doing business.

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    Envision™ Focus - Technology Strategy & Innovation | Envision™

  • Alan Kramer

    Alan Kramer

    Technology & Process Architecture

    CxOs, Boards, and change leaders face an ambitious programme of business and technology work to realise the outcomes of their Envision and other strategy setting processes. Strategy provides “the what”, and Alan helps organisations define “the how” – the elements needed – to successfully implement their Envision strategies.

    To achieve this, Alan helps organisations align their application, integration and technology architectures with their latest strategic priorities. Once these frameworks are set, the focus turns to assembling and integrating the most effective combination of solution providers and technology vendors to achieve the strategic objectives. Alan’s global enterprise project delivery experience helps clients to: mitigate major risks, address critical issues, obtain independent programme assurance, manage costs and benefits, and achieve optimum project management and governance processes.

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    +61 408 059 344

    Envision™ Focus - Post Envision - Delivering the How

  • Breda Ferarrio

    Breda Ferarrio

    Vision & Alignment

    Throughout a business’s journey there are times where Partners/ Boards need to design, reconnect or re-align around what the vision for the firm is or should be. Having these conversations can sometime be difficult – particularly when there may be lack of agreement or tension among the partners. The commercial and cultural impact of doing this correctly is enormous for the whole business.

    Breda specialises in working with boards, partners and leadership teams – individually and collectively - in having the vision conversation – creating alignment – and then supporting the process of sharing that vision with the whole team/business as well as defining the strategies that will move the business towards the achievement of the vision.

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    Envision™ Focus - Vision & Alignment

  • Kirsti Tcherkoyan

    Kirsti Tcherkoyan

    Strategy & Execution

    Kirsti brings over 20 years of experience working closely with senior executives, mid-tier leaders, and teams in a multitude of industries. She brings solid business strategy to organisations focusing on culture, communication, leadership and strategic thinking.

    As a Certified Gazelles International coach, she employs principals based on the global bestseller written by Verne Harnish, Scaling Up. His methodology is used globally to show business leaders how to get their organisations moving in sync to create something significant.

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    Envision™ Focus - Performance Management Platform

  • Matt Garman

    Matt Garman

    Business Development Strategy & Acceleration

    It's rare to hear an Advisor claim to be a sales expert, but when sales growth is an acknowledged key element to success, the conversation can be awkward. How do you maintain your position as a valued Advisor without diluting your differential by bringing in another Consultant.

    This dynamic lead to the creation of SalesEnabla and a process that enables the advisor to introduce this his or her client. Matt designed SalesEnabla as a smart, fast and cost efficient way to create your client's online business development playbook. Personalised and packed with their unique knowledge, it will include examples of their best practice, specific terminology, how to win, great success stories and will cover every element of their sales journey.

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    Envision™ Focus - Business Development Strategy & Execution

  • Phil Lowe

    Phil Lowe

    Board Strategy & Governance

    Phil has extensive board experience as Chairman, CEO, President, COO, CTO and Non-Executive Director mostly in IT and Media businesses.

    He is a Chartered Director and has a further qualification in Strategic Risk Governance and Management. In this guise, Phil has worked as a facilitator on Strategic Reviews and independent Boardroom Evaluations for organisations in the UK, Europe, Australia and the USA – experience which is especially useful when running an Envision programme for the Board and Senior Executive levels.

    As an Executive, Phil has worked on ground-breaking, innovative technology projects around the world. Sometimes supportive of established incumbents like media groups or accounting firms; sometimes disruption plays in online marketing, recruitment or payroll.

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    +44 7802 370 770

    Envision™ Focus - Board Management, Data Room & Governance - Envision™ - Discovery

  • Grant Bloxham

    Grant Bloxham

    Advisory Services Specialist

    Grant works with close to 300 accounting practices to grow their business advisory services revenue and attract new, ideal clients. As founder of Bstar he has established one of the largest and fastest growing networks of independent accounting practices specialising in business advisory services, servicing over 145,000 SMEs.

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    +61 418 796 591

    Envision™ Focus - Client Advisory Platform

Different values, different thinking

We believe in clarity, fairness, transparency. That’s how we build strong relationships, and solutions which fulfil your aims in every respect.

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Exceeding high professional standards

This applies to every aspect of the services we offer. Envision takes the view that we can always push beyond the norm. So long as change continues to happen, we’ll continue to stretch our capabilities, regarding high standards as the standards to beat.

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Recommending relevant high powered solutions

We are open and outward in our perspective and are always considering new methods and solutions that support and enhance the strategic and operational demands of the modern day firm.

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We believe in the 100% conversation, responsibility, no blame or judgement

Envision's business ethos is one of complete transparency and honesty. In our view there’s no more efficient way to meet a challenge than by addressing issues with candour. Everyone needs to see the full picture - ‘warts and all’ - for problems to be solved quickly and fully. Blame is unproductive; being economic with the truth is always expensive. We prefer to simply get on with achieving your solution.

Our partners

Naturally we choose partners who are best able to fulfil our promises to our clients. So quality, flexibility, expertise, openness and value are Envision™’s selection criteria.

  • Boomer Consulting

    Boomer Consulting, Inc. provides consulting services to hundreds of the highest performing CPA - Accounting firms. The Envision™ workshop methodology provides a gateway to the key advisory services related to the Boomer solutions that target five areas critical to a firms success: Leadership, Talent, Technology, Process and Growth. The Envision™ relationship with Boomer enables firms in the UK and Australia to access these services.

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  • Sales Plus Profit

    From observing hundreds of owner-managed businesses that regardless of industry sector, businesses often fail to reach their potential for the same reasons: arrested growth and stalling sales. To combat this, Sales Plus Profit has developed a comprehensive methodology which underpins its Sustainable Sales System©. Aligned with the Pipeline Management and Client Engagement dimensions of Envision™ accounting firms are now empowered to address the challenges facing their clients using the clear and logical external advice and guidance.

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  • Insight 2020

    As the leaders and managers engage the solutions provided by Envision™ strategies, organisational goals and team objectives emerge which require a platform to ensure the visibility into their achievement and performance across the organisation. 2020 Insights® aligns employees to the organisation’s strategic initiatives which increases employee engagement and transparency.

    Envision™ distributes the Insight 2020 platform in the UK and Australia to ensure that employees and managers understand their roles and how they connect to the company becoming accountable for the success of the organization.

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  • Bstar

    Another solution that is aligned with the Client Engagement dimension (8) of Envision™ is Bstar’s Alliance Partner Program. Its is not a tool, it is an online platform that provides accountants and other professional advisers with structure and processes to introduce and grow high margin and profitable, value-adding services.

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  • Symphony - APS

    Since 1999 Symphony has been partnering with professional services firms, initially in practice management software solutions. Overtime they have evolved to develop holistic, Client Life-cycle Management platforms expertise. Symphony has implemented Envision™ at the heart of its platform design and implementation methodology.

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  • Boardroom Excellence

    Much like accountants manage and interact with their SME / SMB clients on Xero, QBO or MYOB, Boardroom Excellence provides accounting firms with a portal to facilitate the non executive blend of structure and practical in-a-nutshell advice which entrepreneurial businesses can adopt. BRE is aligned with the Client Engagement dimension of Envision™ drawing on wide and deep Boardroom experience in the UK & internationally, strong technical skills from running mission-critical software businesses, practical, transparent and straight-forward approach to business and Boardrooms.

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